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Pronouns ze/zir or she/her

I'm Sashanoraa /SAH-shə-NOR-ə/ aka Sasha,
a cute cat girl sent to make the internet as gay as possible <3 🏳️‍⚧️
I collect illegal genders and cute friends
Poly Sapphic flavored
Plural, headmates @jessie @honey
Gender 2.1 patch applied!
Check out my website for more info on me

I mostly post about cute gay stuff and also techy nonsense sometimes. I'm currently on a fling with NixOS and in a long term relationship with Rust. I also post about political stuff sometimes but always CWed. I also help keep the lights on over in @apothecary

If you're a cool queer person come say hi!
No fascists, transphobes, racists, or other people with bad vibes.

Plz interact before requesting to follow

Horny on main
I boost CWed lewd content
No minors plz

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"poggers tits bestie" - @haskal

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Sashanoraa 🏳️‍⚧️ :type_slut_verified: . @sasha,
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I had a good friend when I was in HS who's family were vaguely preper, but most of what they did was being energy independent by being early solar adopters and building a passive solar house. I learned a lot of my love of tech from them. And now they're covid deniers and believe there are microchips in the vaccines, but not Trump supporters. My brain just can't take the discord between these two images of them. I don't get it.

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